Official Regulation of the Promotional Campaign "Telerenta Supports Education"

1.1. Telerenta SRL, with its registered office in Voluntari, Ilfov County, 1/I Pipera Boulevard, Admax Center Building, 3rd Floor, Office 6, registered with the Trade Register under number J23/264/2023 and having the unique fiscal identification code: RO47465690, referred to as the "Organizer" in this regulation, is responsible for the "Telerenta Supports Education" campaign.

1.2. This campaign is conducted in accordance with the provisions of this regulation, which must be adhered to by all participants. The Organizer reserves the right to modify or supplement this regulation or to extend the campaign period during its course, all of which will be announced through the website

1.3. Information about this campaign can be found through the following channels: (i) on the website; (ii) by calling the normal-rate phone number 0312-290-600, available for campaign details between 09:00 - 18:00 from Monday to Friday.

1.4. The participation and operation regulation of the "Telerenta Supports Education" campaign is free and can be consulted by any applicant on: (i) the website; (ii) by calling the phone number 0312-290-600; or (iii) by requesting it via email at

1.5. The customer is obliged to abide by the terms and conditions specified in the Official Campaign Regulation, as outlined below.

2. Right to Participate

2.1. The promotional campaign is open to all potential Telerenta customers, individuals, who cumulatively meet the following conditions:

 - They are a maximum of 26 years old.
 - They have taken the Baccalaureate exam, and their obtained score is at least 8.
 - They present their Baccalaureate diploma in the form of a photograph.

3. Campaign Mechanism

3.1. The "Telerenta Supports Education" campaign operates based on one of the 3 available vouchers, through which you can receive free rent for a minimum 12-month contract for each point above 7 on the Baccalaureate score.

3.2. The voucher codes active in the campaign are:

 - STUDENT08 – For any score between 8-8.99, you get one month of free rent.
 - STUDENT09 - For any score between 9-9.99, you get two months of free rent.
 - STUDENT10 – For a perfect score of 10, you get 3 months of free rent.

3.3. Voucher Applicability

You cannot use more than one voucher per order.

The voucher can be combined with existing discounts on the Telerenta platform.

Free rents are applicable starting from the 3rd month of the contract.


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